Math 214: Foundations of Mathematics (Fall 2017)

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Your homework should be typed.

It is not easy to write in mathematics, and by typing your homework, you can revise and improve your writing easily.

You are strongly suggested to use latex to type your homeworks.

Latex is a programming language to type texts with math content. You need to use some text editor to compile your .tex file, then use a latex compiler to typyset your latex file. In windows, WinEdt is a good software to type and typeset your files. For Mac, MacTex (download it here) is good (after installed, use TexShop). Here is a tutorial page for latex.

You may also use some online editor: overleaf, , paperria, or google doc editor spartanTex to typeset and get .pdf file, if you don't want to install Latex in your own computer.

For beginners, it is easier to start by modifying other .tex files. Here a sample homework (.pdf, .tex) and its solution (.pdf, .tex).